Teaching Resources

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Introductory Courses

A number of Individualized Major Programs have introductory, gateway, or proposal writing courses. Below you will find information and/or syllabi for such courses.

California College of the Arts: Individualized Mentorship Syllabus (Fall 2015) and CCA-Statement and Rationale  (Fall 2015)

Advanced or Capstone Courses

Many Individualized Major Programs require students to complete a capstone and have set guidelines regarding what constitutes an acceptable capstone. Below you will find information on the capstone requirements of various programs.

California College of the Arts: Utopian Impulses Syllabus (2016)


E-Portfolios may be an effective way for students to make the case for the coherence of their major and to demonstrate how they are integrating the various disciplines, approaches, and themes of their major. St. Olaf’s College requires all of its individual majors to build an e-portfolio.